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Your feet are the support for your entire body in the erect position. They are subjected to tremendous forces each day. Even the slightest misalignment of the bones and muscles can contribute to or cause foot, knee, back and/or neck pain and even headaches.

In-shoe orthoses are prescription devices. Essentially, they have the same relationship to feet as glasses have to eyes, and, like glasses, are totally individual. Thus, each person must have his or her own prescription. They are made to fit comfortably into your shoes bolstering your feet in a "neutral" position, i.e. that position requiring the least possible energy consumption in order to function in support of your entire body in standing and ambulatory activities. This enables your feet to work more efficiently, reducing stress on the knees, hips and lower back. Even if you spend a lot of time barefoot or in sandals, ballet slippers or pointe shoes, the time spent in orthotics will help.

Your feet are casted either using plaster of Paris or a plastic foam. Your feet are non-weight-bearing, either prone or seated in the "neutral" position to conform to ideal contours. The orthotic is then constructed from this mold, either in leather in our laboratory, or in plastic at an outside lab. The orthotic will usually be ready within 2 to 4 weeks.

Remember that they will not cure your foot problems, any more than glasses cure your vision problems. They will however, modify the function of your foot as long as you continue to wear them.

At the Center for Sports & Osteopathic Medicine we cast and fabricate orthoses. The casting fee, that is, the preparation of the molds from which the orthotics are fabricated is $70.00. The fee for the orthotics themselves is $325.00 and includes all laboratory charges. Check-ups and follow-up visits are without charge. If, within the first 2 months, your orthotics don’t do the job we anticipate, and you have followed instructions for proper usage, they will be either revised or replaced for a minimal charge if any. There cannot, due to our costs incurred, be any refunds. Unfortunately, only a few insurance companies reimburse for orthoses, and Medicare does not provide payment for them at all. Obtaining and consistently wearing prescription orthotics can, however, be one of the best investments you can make in your overall well being. Payment plans are available.

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